Building great thumbnails is a critical step to making your ArcGIS Online content more transparent and approachable. You want your users to be able to understand important information about an item before clicking on it.

This is a tool to make the thumbnail creation process a little easier on you.

You're users are happy. You're happy. It's a win/win.

Query Parameters

To make the tool re-usable, you can add the query parameters below to your URL.

See This Example

Parameter Description Values Example
title Title Text String Address Points
titleColor Title BG Color RGBA Color 0,255,0,0.8
sidebarColor Sidebar BG Color RGBA Color 0,0,255,0.8
category Valid Item Category String Story Map
background URL to background image String https://path.to.my.background.jpg
logo URL to logo image String https://path.to.my.logo.jpg


This application is made freely available through the Oregon Geospatial Enterprise Office. If you have questions or comments, please contact Joshua Tanner.