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Primary Contacts

DAS GEO is the primary administrator for ArcGIS Online. If your agency is not listed below, please contact us directly. If your agency is listed below, please send requests through your agency contacts first.

Agency Contacts

The primary ArcGIS Online contacts for participating state agencies.

Agency Primary Contact Secondary Contact
DEQ - Department of Environmental Quality Malavika Bishop David Pray
DHS - Department of Human Services Julia Brown
DLCD - Department of Land and Conservation Development Randy Dana Tanya Haddad
DOGAMI - Dept. of Geology and Mineral Industries Rudie Watzig Ed Buchner
DOR - Department of Oregon Revenue Thomas York
DSL - Department of State Lands Randall Sounhein
HCS - Housing and Community Services Mitchell Hannoosh Megan Bolton
ODA - Oregon Department of Agriculture Diana Walker Jenn Ambrose
ODE - Oregon Department of Education Harris Geddes Craig White
ODF - Oregon Department of Forestry Steve Timbrook Art Rodriquez
ODFW - Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Jon Bowers
ODOE - Department of Energy Jim Gores
ODOT - Oregon Department of Transportation Casey Ragain Chad Crockett
OED - Oregon Employment Department Jes Mendez
OEM - Emergency Management Daniel Stoelb
OHA - Oregon Health Authority Julia Brown
OSFM - Office of State Fire Marshall Morgan Kee
OSMB - Oregon State Marine Board Joe Severson Jessica Watson
LPRO - Legislative Policy and Research Office Ariel Low
OWEB - Watershed Enhancement Board Paula Wills
PUC - Public Utilities Commission Bret Farrell Caleb Joiner
SOS - Secretary of State Charlie Mudrick
OPRD - Oregon Parks and Recreation Brady Callahan
OLCC - Liquor and Cannabis Commission Peter Noordijk TJ Sheehy
OWRD - Water Resources Bob Harmon Dorothy Mortenson
BIZ - Business Oregon Melanie Wadsworth
OSP - Oregon State Police Scott Bruton